The Null Sigma process to productivity enhancing strategizing involves the following procedure. 

In a nutshell, we simply help your organization use your business data to gain insights on how to more effectively design your strategies.  We combine Data, Technology and Business Strategy.

Initially you need to tell us the question you want answered or the performance measure you want to more accurately predict.  With respect to marketing and pricing this may entail: 

  • How much do particular marketing or ad campaigns generate ($ or unit) sales or market share (according to region, product, service)? 
  • What kind of customer is more likely to respond to a marketing or ad campaign for your product or service.



Customer                  Purchase Potential

              Customer Type A                     5%

              Customer Type B                     65%

              Customer Type C                     8%



  • What are the reasons why I am losing customers and what can I do to prevent it from happening in the future? 
  • Am I pricing my products/services correctly?




Product Sales


…these are just a few.  View our Business Solutions page for other applications.

We then use your data and identify the variables that impact the process you want to know more about.  This is done with high-end analytic technology.

Depending on the potential relationships that may exist in your data, the end result should be a model that allows you to more effectively fine tune your strategies or simply, gives you insights on what to expect if you take appropriate actions.  The relationship between how a variable impacts your performance measure is given both graphically and numerically. 

With the addition of insights from internal experts, Null sigma will provide a simple, business friendly interpretation of results along with a plan of action to achieve your desired goals.  Productive results come from the combination of Data, Technology and Business Strategy.



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